4 Reasons to Get a Personal Loan in Perth

Are you in need of funds? There are many options for personal finance in Perth. A personal loan can help you make a necessary purchase or plan for emergencies.


You should consider personal loans as a type of financing when you require funds. The question is, how should you decide if taking out a personal loan is going to be an intelligent move in 2020?

You should think about the big picture, and consider what pros and cons a loan will make to your financial position.

My 4 reasons to consider taking out a personal loan in 2020

If you are not sure if taking out personal loans is a good idea for your current situation, here are some things to consider…

  • Reasonable interest rates are often available for personal loans

One practical reason to consider a personal loan when you require funds is that they usually offer a reasonable rate of interest.

For any loan from a financial institution, you will need to pay interest to access the money. Clearly, if your interest rate is low, your overall repayments will be far less.

Interest rates on a personal loan will be considerably lower than say, a typical credit card rate.

The exact interest rate that you pay will depend on your credit rating, ability to repay, and the lender you choose to loan from. However, you should always look at personal loan interest rates to see if they work out cheaper before you borrow money from any other source.

  •   Personal loans are often unsecured

Personal loans are often available without any requirement for collateral. This is an asset which is used to guarantee and secure a loan. You allow the lender to have a legal right to that asset if you are unable to keep up loan repayments for any reason.

There are risks with taking out a secured loan such as with car finance, mortgage, or home equity loan. You open up the possibility that if everything goes wrong, you might lose your property.

It is far less risky to take out an unsecured personal loan that has no collateral. You are still expected to repay the loan on time, and you will be legally responsible for it. Nevertheless, you will not be risking your personal property.

If you wish to minimise your risks when you borrow, a personal loan is a good option.

  •   Personal loans are affordable and quick to process

 In many cases, the application process is efficient for personal loans. Often, you can fill your application out online, get instant approval, and receive your funds in a matter of days.

Most lenders charge no fees to originate the loan or application fees.

For many people, the fact that the process is quick and easy for a personal loan, it is preferable to other options. For example, a home equity loan would cost more to apply, and the approval time would be longer.

In many cases, home equity loans come with additional fees such as origination fees, appraisal expenses, etc.

If you don’t have extra time to deal with a drawn-out application process, and hundreds of dollars to spend on fees, a personal loan is a great option.

  • The funds from your loan can be used for anything

Flexibility is another advantage of personal loans. Car loans or mortgages are to be used for a specific purpose. However, a personal loan can be used for practically anything.

Final Thoughts

A personal loan could be a good option for you, depending on your circumstances. Look at the interest rates available, and consider how much of a burden making the repayments will be.

Argent Finance has been serving Perth and the surrounding areas for many years. We are available to discuss your options for personal loans in Perth at any time!


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